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Barbaric! Man and Woman made to walk the Town Naked for committing Adultery (PHOTOS, WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT)

Culture and tradition they say is the way and lifestyle of a people. When things get out of hand, arent we supposed let those meant to handle them handle them.
During the week, we received a report from one of our dear readers who shared and revealed the culture of the Idoma people of Benue state.
This incident  occurred on Thursday 19th September at Orokam, Obadigbo Local Government area of Benue State.
The woman pictured in the above photograph, is said to be the wife of a popular school proprietor in the area . She lost her husband on Tuesday, and was accused by her husband’s people of having committed
adultery which she admitted she was guilty of.
Further revelation by members of Orokam stated that there is an oracle called “ALEKWU” in the town which .....
 more pics after the cut.

punishes married women that cheats on their husbands and also deters people from committing atrocities. The Oracle supposedly issues out a warning to the husband of any adulterous woman of which if he fails to take appropriate actions or return to the village from wherever he is to perform the proper rites for cleansing himself and his family, he will die.
“This was the case of the proprietor as he failed to adhere to the instruction of the oracle” a villager revealed.


They had to walk the town naked in a bid to averting the punishment and eventually cleansing the land.
She was afterwards sent packing to her father’s house and banned from attending the funeral of her husband.