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“You slap your husband in public!” | “You make women cry!” | Gov Okorocha & Senator Anywawu are fighting in Imo [DETAILS]


There is absolutely no love lost between the Governor of Imo state, Rochas Okorocha and a female legislator from Imo state, Senator Chris Anyanwu.
Over the past week, both parties have thrown unsavoury words at each other in the public space.
It all started at the 2014 edition of Oru Owerri Cultural Festival, held on Saturday, 5 August, at Ugwu Ekwema Civic Centre, when the governor made some remarks that was supposedly directed at Senator Chris Anyanwu, during his speech.
After calling her name last while he observed protocol, the governor went further by saying to the gathered crowd; “You must not allow a woman who slaps her husband in public to govern the state. You must not allow ono na di acho di (a married woman who has pleasure in sleeping around with other men) to govern or represent you anymore. You must not allow a slippers thrower to be your governor.”
“When the time comes, we will tell you the people that will give you good governance. We will tell you the person that will be your senator; we will tell you the person that will be your House of Representatives member,” Okorocha added.

After the governor’s words, the senator walked out of the venue with her aides, and was reported to be crying as she entered into her car.
In a response, Sen. Anyanwu has released a statement saying that Okorocha’s uterrances showed that he is a menace to women.
Her statement read in part, “Women must come together to fight against such irresponsible and immodest conduct coming from a man who gives impression that he has no reputation to protect; who has no respect for the office and position he represents in the State. The great news is that Rochas has raised Senator Anyanwu to the status of candidate. She has become a he-woman to be feared by king-kong himself. Rochas made a grave strategic error.”
“That open, brazen statement that Owerri should not vote woman has gone down for him. Verily, the man who passed a vote of no confidence on woman before the ancestors of Owerri people; the man who declared at the timber market Orlu that Imo women are the worst prostitutes will never again enjoy the votes of women.”
Ladies and gentlemen, it’s on.