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Wedding Dress Colours And Their Meanings

When you think about a wedding gown, you probably imagine a pristine white dress. However, other wedding dress colours like blue and pink are also very popular among brides around the world.

But what does each wedding dress colour mean? Check out the meaning behind common wedding gown colours!

1. White
White wedding dresses were popularized by Queen Victoria and her followers. The brilliant white colour used to symbolize purity and the once-in-a-life time occasion that a wedding is supposed to be. Today, however, white in wedding gowns has nearly lost its original meaning and is now simply a popular and traditional colour.

2. Ivory
These days, ivory wedding dresses can rightfully compete in popularity with white gowns. More and more designers skip the traditional diamond white and opt for ivory in their collections. For many centuries, ivory wedding gowns symbolized elegance and noble origins.

3. Champagne
Champagne-coloured wedding gowns are slightly similar to ivory dresses but have a noticeably deeper shade. A champagne wedding gown is a great option if you are dreaming of a vintage-inspired wedding. It’s also a rather conservative choice that is often preferred by the nobility.

4. Black
As a total opposite of classic white wedding dresses, a black wedding gown is the best option for a bride with a strong and unusual taste. A black gown will certainly make you stand out, so it’s a good idea to choose a striking design and make your accessories pop against the black background.

5. Blush Pink
Blush pink wedding dresses look simply adorable. They are a fantastic option if you cherish the early stages of your relationship and want to keep those delicate and slightly native memories in your heart for a long time.

6. Green
No matter which shade of green you pick for your wedding dress, your choice will reveal you as a modern, forward-thinking, and nature-loving individual. Green wedding gowns work particularly well with various floral designs, which are very popular at many weddings.

7. Dark Blue
Wearing a royal blue or sapphire blue wedding dress is an easy way to tell everyone that you have traditional views on family, marriage, and life. Dark blue gowns are often the preferred option for brides who are fascinated with the past and feel like they should have been born in another era

8. Silver
You may think that a silver wedding gown is a great option if you want to stand out at your own wedding, but the truth is that a silver dress can help you achieve much more. It’s a sophisticated colour that tells everyone you have an expensive taste but prefer not to flaunt it.

9. Gold
Gold, on the other hand, is the best way of telling everyone you can afford a lot and not afraid to show it. Gold wedding gowns give you a warm glow, but they also evoke tradition and a vintage feel in a way that few other wedding dress colours can.

10. Red
When you wear a red gown to your own wedding, you instantly tell everyone that your relationship is filled with passion and desire. Deep shades of red demonstrate your independent character, while lighter, coral red shades make it clear that you have a free spirit and love fashion trends.



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