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Dr. Hamilton Ekama: A Tribute To My Boss, A Rare Gem (1949 - 2019)

I never knew why i got a phone call from a friend on a cold night at about 11 pm when i was about sleeping on my bed. But while on the call my friend begged me to take a driving job he had gotten but no longer needed it. I hesitated for a moment after we met on the street that same night (he told me to come out so we can talk). Then i saw reason and thanked him joyfully for giving me a respite.

Little did i know that i was about to meet one of the most fascinating, fatherly and compassionate individual the world has ever seen - Dr. Hamiltom Ekama.

Dr. Hamilton Ekama was a die hard devout christian, a loving father, compassionate individual, over-caring, so humble and could mesmerize you a thousand times with his courtesy and great sense of humour. Even in his last moments on earth, he would be so caring and show so much courtesy even in the hospital bed. I was so drawn to him because of his fatherly aura. His greatest strength and pillar is his wife, the most prayerful and spiritually powerful woman i have ever seen. She doesn't hesitate to pray, anytime and anywhere, unshaken in her christian faith.

To his kids i met, Micheal, Helen, Ese, Big Bro Emma and the other two brothers i didn't meet, please take heart but know that daddy is in a much better place where there are no sickness, no sorrows, no crying and no pain. We all will meet him someday in a better place where he'll never depart from us again. Daddy fought a good fight of faith. God took him, he knows better.  Be strong.

There are few good men.  Infact they are very hard to find, but when u finally find them, give them all you've got. I did.

Written By Ufuoma Kevin 'Djakpor. 

Ufuoma Kevin 'Djakpor is a Biochemist, Freelance IT Professional & Website Developer and Blogger/Founder of KEVID NEWS, He is currently based in Pegi, Abuja.



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