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It Doesn’t Take Me Time To Kill – Aiye Cult Butcher

A 32-year old suspected cultist, Ahmed Kabiru, has told the Police in Lagos that his role as a member of the Aiye Confraternity was to kill and it does not take him time to kill people during operations.

P.M.EXPRESS reports that the suspect, Kabiru, made the confession after he was arrested by Police operatives from the Anti-Cultism Unit, Lagos State Police Command.

Kabiru, who claimed to be a member of Aiye Confraternity, said he had so far killed four persons but the Police believe he was being economical with the truth.

The Kano State-born Kabiru said the four victims he had killed were members of a rival cult group, Eiye Confraternity, and he did so during gang wars in Ebute-Metta area of the state. He said that whenever he wanted to kill, a veil usually covered his eyes, making him not to think twice before slaughtering rivals.

“Whenever I want to kill any of our rivals, it is always like a veil falls over my eyes; I don’t even feel remorseful after killing. There was a day I killed a rival member; I shot him on the head while he was trying to escape when he saw me coming towards his direction. I felt something struck me on my chest. Three days after, I fell sick and I was sick for two months.”

The suspect, who hails from Kano State, said he was born in Ebute-Metta area of the metropolis and was initiated into cultism at the age of 19, while he was in Senior Secondary School.
“I was initiated when I was in Secondary School inside a forest at Ikorodu. While in the forest, I was tortured and made to take an oath never to disclose what transpired there to anyone. After I was initiated, I didn’t participate in their activities for some years. I didn’t participate because I was worried over what my parents would say if they found out I was involved in cultism. I was also scared that I might be killed.”

“It was in 2018 that I started participating in the activities of Aiye properly. It was after members of the Eiye Confraternity started killing our members on a daily basis. It was the same year I was given a pistol to lead a squad, which confronted Eiye members at Ebute-Metta. On the fateful day, I killed one of our rivals and injured several others.”

Kabiru said his display in the battlefield on the fateful day impressed the Aiye leader so much that he immediately promoted him above others.
He recalled: “It was same day that I was promoted to the rank of a ‘Butcher’. My role as a Butcher was to lead during fights and also to discipline any of our erring members. Since then, I have not looked back in the discharge of my duties. It was the members of the Eiye Confraternity that attacked and killed our members first”.

“Initially, we didn’t want to retaliate but when it was becoming unbearable, we had to confront them. I have killed three other Eiye members at different locations at Ondo Street in Ebute-Metta.”

Kabiru said he killed the three Eiye members at their base at about 1am while the victims were sleeping when he got there.”I shot the three of them on different parts of their bodies. It was the following day that I heard the gunshots hit two on the chest and one on the skull. What we were doing was counting the number of people that died in both confraternities.”

“Some Aiye members always came from outside the state to assist in our fights against the Eiye rivals. Among those who came to assist in confronting the Eiye group were Aliu and ‘Landlord’ from Ajah. They were among those who cut off the rivals’ heads and dropped them at some junctions in Ajah in 2019.”

“After the clash between Aiye and Eiye at Ebute-Metta, operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad from Mushin arrested me over the murder of the four rival members that I had killed during the clashes. I spent three months in the cell. When I came out, I returned to my members and we celebrated my release.”

“Whenever I finished any of the operations, we would return our arms to our colleagues at Ajah to keep. Our colleagues from Ajah always brought the arms through the lagoon to Ebute-Metta” he confessed.

Kabiru narrated that when he was in SARS detention, he heard the word of God repeatedly yet did not heed to it.

He said: “Whenever they were preaching to us, I didn’t believe in what they were telling us. It was because my soul was strongly with the devil. I didn’t show any remorse whenever I killed then. It was in the Anti-Cultism detention facility that I began to realise that I had been in darkness”.
“Some of our members killed by the Eiye members were Babalawo, Bebeto, Mapola, Shepe and his friend, Yamuse, Egbo and Obokun. At least 20 others were killed and several others sustained permanent injuries during clashes.”
Kabiru said after the death of their leader, he was supposed to become the next in line. Unfortunately, that was when SARS operatives arrested and detained him for months before he was later released.

He said: “Initially, my parents didn’t know I was a member of Aiye cult group. It was after I was arrested by SARS operatives that my father knew what I was into. My parents threatened to disown me if I didn’t renounce cultism. There was no way I could withdraw from the group. I had gone far and I don’t regret my actions. I don’t also think I can stop killing. So you people should better kill me or I’ll kill more persons” he said.



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