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Coronavirus: China Ejects Nigerians, Other Africans From Homes, Hotels (Video)

While the world has adopted various measures to combat Coronavirus, Chinese authorities are beginning to eject Africans from their homes and hotels over claims that they were importing the virus into the country.

Africans in Guangdong and Fujian Province mostly affected are lamenting the move by the Chinese, fearing that they could be exposed to the virus.

Africans in China, who confirmed the ejection to our correspondent, said the government was employing force to eject foreigners from their homes.

They said, “There are claims that blacks are the ones now importing Coronavirus into China.

“Foreigners and particularly black people are currently not allowed to access public places including malls, restaurants and hospitals.

“They have landlords to evict them, they chase them out of hotels and make them go through all sorts because of Coronavirus.”

To quell the ejections, a meeting was held between the African community leaders in Guangzhou and the government.



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