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COVID-19 In Ecuador: Cardboard Coffins, Over 100 Bodies Litter The Streets (PHOTOS)

Bodies are left to rot on the side of the road as officials struggle to cope with coronavirus deaths in an Ecuadorian city.

At least 150 corpses were left on the street or kept in the homes of grieving relatives in Guayaquil as the deadly bug ravages the horror-struck port city.

The bodies were placed on the roadside in the desperate hope that authorities would be able to take them away but removals take up to three days due to a backlog.

Residents were even forced to use cardboard boxes as coffins as Ecuador's official death toll hit 172 with at least 3,500 confirmed cases.

Health workers in protective gear remove a dead body.

Coffins wrapped in plastic were seen on the pavement as relatives lined up for a funeral outside a cemetary.



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