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Please Don’t Let ‘Hunger Virus’ Kill Us, Rivers Residents Beg Governor Wike

..Urge governor to enable markets offer foods items

Residents of Rivers State particularly persons able to near to Mbiama, a border group in between the state and Bayelsa, have begged Governor Nyesom Wike to discuss the complete ban of his on markets throughout the state.

The residents believed unless the governor permitted the marketing of food products in the markets, they will die of' hunger virus' even prior to the Coronavirus will get to the places of theirs.

Even though they appreciated the initiatives of the governor to safeguard Rivers people from the disease, Wike was urged by the inhabitants to often move out help supplies or even let the marketing of just food items in markets.

Mrs. Robinson, a resident of Mbiama, mentioned the favorite sector was turned off for about 7 days since Wike bought the closure of all markets in the state as part of steps to stop the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic.

She said security operatives have been on rampage at Mbiama industry destroying food items to stop many people from possibly selling or even purchasing.

She stated hunger forced the individuals in the spot to face the operatives, who insisted that no one would promote something in the marketplace.

She said: "It is a bad situation. The Coronavirus isn't here but hunger really wants to kill us. There's no way we are able to buy even foodstuffs as well as the government hasn't provided some relief materials. There's nothing in position to help us.

"The people who have managed to reach the industry are stranded. Policemen and soldiers won't allow anybody to purchase anything. They destroy bags of garri. They will pour water on the grill of females frying yam around the highway. The security forces as well as the market individuals have been fighting.

"The people are crying they're hungry. What I'm letting you know continues for more than 7 days today since the governor made an announcement which areas must shut down. I was thinking the sell of some other things beyond food would be impacted by the order.

"I do not understand exactly why they're not allowing foodstuffs that individuals depend on to live the lives of theirs. Just how are we likely to survive. The market place is shut because the security operatives won't permit individuals to sometimes purchase or even sell.

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Although Wike earlier ordered that most markets must be closed to contain the spread of the disease, the governor in newest directive exempted individuals offering important services & products.

He stated the restrictive orders wouldn't affect medical and newspaper distributors, media workers and petroleum products, gas staff and essential oil, beverages and food and pharmaceutical personnel.



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