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Rant HQ Facebook Group Owner, Suzan Ade Coker & Some Igbos Clash Online, Members leave the group en masse

KEVID NEWS reports that the owner of facebook group Rant Hq is currently under fire after she made a post in the group referring to the igbos as senseless.

The group with over 1.5 million followers is currently trending on facebook as a lot of the members who are Igbos have reported and exited the group.

Suzan who is also an ambassador to NCDC stands the risk of losing her ambassadorial appointment as pressure is being mounted on the NCDC to revoke her appointment.

Sometime in the past, Suzan Ade Coker was accused by one Mr. Segun Ogunyeye of using the Rant Hq group fraud for fraudulent activities.

Eventhough, Facebook only removed offensive contents found in the group which went against Facebook's Community Guidelines, many social media users, majorly Igbos are still reporting the group, demanding an apology from her.

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